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Surfing around el encuentro surf lodge

The Dominican Republic’s long coastline is lined with an abundance of surf peaks and stunning natural beauty. The sun shines most days of the year, and the average water and air temperature are 80 degrees Fahrenheit (26 degrees Celsius), so a wetsuit is never required. The Dominican Republic is known for its friendly and warm-hearted locals, and the surf scene has an equally good vibe.

Surfing Town of Cabarete

The north coast of the Dominican Republic offers a variety of waves, with everything from a mellow wave to learn on, hollow barrels, outer reef perfection and speedy beach peaks, you will find it all within the vibrant island town of Cabarete.

Cabarete is widely known for its excellent wind and kite surfing conditions, particularly the surf in Playa Encuentro located on the west end of town.

Encuentro Beach

Playa Encuentro offers the most consistent surf spot on the island, with several peaks pleasing long-boarders and short-boarders alike. A large expanse of whitewater on the inside provides the perfect spot for beginners learning to catch waves for the first time.

Season of Good Waves

The North, East and South coasts of the island experience different swell and seasonal conditions. The Dominican Republic’s North coast borders the Atlantic Ocean and has the most consistent surf swell year-round. If surfing is your main goal, the best conditions are typically from September to the end of April. The summer months offer calmer, smaller conditions perfect for longboarding and learning to surf, so there truly are waves year round. Advanced surfers can find fun morning barrels even in the summertime along the easterly beaches of town.

The South coast of the island along the Caribbean Sea provides heavier waves in the summer months from May until the end of August.

Encuentro Beach Surf Schools

Encuentro beach has surf schools located directly along the beach, offering surf lessons, boards, and rentals. Just a five-minute walk from our hotel, the welcoming beach ambiance and friendly surf school staff is happy to assist you.

The long, clean sandy beach is lined with palm trees offering shade, making Playa Encuentro an ideal destination for a beach vacation. New onsite restaurants, bathrooms and shower facilities provide everything you need to enjoy the day.


Plenty of secret spots!

If you have the inclination to explore, empty peaks are all along the coast. Make friends with the locals, or hire an expert surf guide and go explore Cabarete and the north shore!

Weather Conditions & Climate

The water and air temperature are on average 84 degrees Fahrenheit year round, so there is no need to bring a wetsuit. Most of the surf peaks around Cabarete work best with Northeast winter swell generated by weather conditions in the United States, moving southward to the Caribbean where we enjoy a nice tropical climate.

Winds are light offshore in the mornings and pick up the Easterly trade winds in the afternoon. Late afternoon and sunset surf sessions are also a frequent pleasure when the wind drops.

The North coast enjoys the distinction of being protected by mountain ranges that prevent damage from tropical storms and hurricanes, while still producing large waves of high quality for surfing, particularly in the end of August and early September.

What to bring

While you do not need a wetsuit, you might be comfortable in a 1-millimeter top or vest for dawn patrol in winter, when the early morning air temps are around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

With a few surf shops around town, you can stock up on tropical wax, extra gear or fins, with prices and stock varying. It’s not a bad idea to bring an extra set of fins if you are bringing your own board, just in case. Ding and board repair can be done by expert locals, inquire at the surf schools for assistance. Surf boards are available for rent at the schools on the beach.

Contact us for more information about planning your surf trip to the Dominican Republic. We can’t wait to share our surfing island paradise with you.